Bram Stoker’s Dracula, by Albert W. Vogt III

If there is one movie that I feel best encapsulates my distaste for certain films as a practicing Catholic, it is Bram Stoker’s Dracula (1992).  Though tales of vampires predate the Irish author Bram Stoker’s most well-known work, simply titled Dracula (1897), it is the one most often credited for kick starting the Western craze for these monsters.  And I do… Read more “Bram Stoker’s Dracula, by Albert W. Vogt III”

Blade: Trinity, by Albert W. Vogt III

Did you know that there are actually three different Marvel cinematic franchises in which Ryan Reynolds appears?  Before he donned the famous red body suit of Deadpool (2016), before he was an early version of Wade Wilson in X-Men Origins: Wolverine (2009), he was Hannibal King in Blade: Trinity (2004).  Please do not take that as a recommendation to see Blade: Trinity.  If it… Read more “Blade: Trinity, by Albert W. Vogt III”

Rosemary’s Baby, by Albert W. Vogt III

In 1966, a Time magazine cover asked the question: Is God dead?  This is briefly featured in today’s film, Rosemary’s Baby (1968).  One cannot underscore enough how much of a bellwether moment this was in American culture.  If you think times are crazy now, you should take a look at the 1960s.  If it is racial problems you want, the decade saw not… Read more “Rosemary’s Baby, by Albert W. Vogt III”

Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness, by Cameron J. Czaja

The Multiverse. Even though the concept of it has been thought out for a while now, I haven’t really put much thought into it. Ever since watching the Disney+ shows Loki (2021) and What if. . . ? (2021), and the more recent film Everything Everywhere All at Once, however, that idea started circling in my head and had me… Read more “Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness, by Cameron J. Czaja”

Interview With the Vampire: The Vampire Chronicles, by Albert W. Vogt III

Vampires, am I right?  I have never understood the fascination with these mythical creatures.  Such is the love for those of the pointy teeth that there are some who believe that they are real.  Worse yet are those who want to be one to the point that they sharpen their teeth and look for willing volunteers who will… Read more “Interview With the Vampire: The Vampire Chronicles, by Albert W. Vogt III”

The Shining, by Albert W. Vogt III

Not all of Stanley Kubrick’s films are as bad as A Clockwork Orange (1971), or as taboo as Lolita (1962).  The majority of them are, though, twisted.  Even in movies as seemingly innocuous as 2001: A Space Odyssey (1968), there are moments that make you question the director’s sanity, such as when the artificial intelligence HAL 9000 (voiced by Douglas Rain) murders the… Read more “The Shining, by Albert W. Vogt III”

Happy Death Day, by Albert W. Vogt III

Usually, fewer genres of films get me uninterested faster than slasher films.  I do not understand their popularity, and my problems have been documented in my reviews of the Scream franchise.  I do get the excitement of facing life-or-death situations.  Actions movies are replete with scenarios that viewers imagine themselves in, wondering how they would handle it.  When it comes to… Read more “Happy Death Day, by Albert W. Vogt III”

Shaun of the Dead, by Albert W. Vogt III

Before there was The Walking Dead (2010-present), or even a Zombieland (2009), there was Shaun of the Dead (2004).  It premiered in an era when zombie films and television shows still took the notion of reanimated corpses seriously.  I cannot think of any other examples before 2004 with a light-hearted take on the sub-genre.  Given the success of Shaun of the Dead, one can make… Read more “Shaun of the Dead, by Albert W. Vogt III”

Scream (2022), by Albert W. Vogt III

When the first movie titled Scream (1996) premiered, people marveled at its ability to be self-deprecating.  Before I go any further, I need to remind myself to exercise some caution.  You see, to prepare for the latest Scream, I watched all four of its forerunners.  The first one was a bit of nostalgia.  For whatever reason, when I was a young, impressionable… Read more “Scream (2022), by Albert W. Vogt III”

Only Lovers Left Alive, by Albert W. Vogt III

Vampires, am I right?  For reasons that are beyond my grasp, other than immortality I suppose, Western culture has had a centuries’ long fascination with these mythical creatures.  This is admittedly a poor reference for this point, but in my review of What We Do in the Shadows (2014), one of my complaints about vampire lore is the changeable… Read more “Only Lovers Left Alive, by Albert W. Vogt III”

Army of the Dead, by Albert W. Vogt III

Zack Snyder is a hack.  If you have not gathered that this is my opinion of his work from reading my reviews of his dumb Justice League films, then let this definitive statement erase any doubts.  Alright, I will confess to enjoying 300 (2006).  It was original in its style.  Unfortunately, Snyder seemed to have fallen in love with slow motion and sepia… Read more “Army of the Dead, by Albert W. Vogt III”

The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It, by Albert W. Vogt III

When I saw The Conjuring (2013), I recall coming away from it thinking that it was not that bad.  Typically, I do not go in for horror films.  Aside from the grotesque and sometimes purposely cursed images that I would rather not see, I find them to be formulaic and predictable.  However, two people drew… Read more “The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It, by Albert W. Vogt III”


Look, when I am writing a review of a movie, expect spoilers ahead. I am going to leave this here so that I do not have to constantly repeat myself in future entries. Brightburn is a movie about a sort of alternate reality Superman. I could almost end the review there as the Superman story… Read more “Brightburn”


Given the success of Jordan Peele’s Get Out, I looked forward to Us with a certain amount of anticipation. Pardon me for a moment, but I am going to sound like a huge nerd. Whether anyone realized it or not, Get Out was brilliant because it tapped into a very old idea in this country:… Read more “Us”

Captive State

Perhaps I should have seen Five Feet Apart this past weekend, but I am a sucker for movies set in Chicago, which provided the backdrop for Captive State. Coming off the high of Captain Marvel last weekend, I guess I was in the mood for another action movie. So I saw Captive State. I learned… Read more “Captive State”


This past weekend was a busy one for me, so I did not get to go to the theater when I normally would have gone. I also did not pay attention to what was coming out this weekend. Thus, when I looked and saw the only new movie was something called Greta, I said “What????”… Read more “Greta”