Army of the Dead, by Albert W. Vogt III

Zack Snyder is a hack.  If you have not gathered that this is my opinion of his work from reading my reviews of his dumb Justice League films, then let this definitive statement erase any doubts.  Alright, I will confess to enjoying 300 (2006).  It was original in its style.  Unfortunately, Snyder seemed to have fallen in love with slow motion and sepia… Read more “Army of the Dead, by Albert W. Vogt III”

The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It, by Albert W. Vogt III

When I saw The Conjuring (2013), I recall coming away from it thinking that it was not that bad.  Typically, I do not go in for horror films.  Aside from the grotesque and sometimes purposely cursed images that I would rather not see, I find them to be formulaic and predictable.  However, two people drew… Read more “The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It, by Albert W. Vogt III”


Look, when I am writing a review of a movie, expect spoilers ahead. I am going to leave this here so that I do not have to constantly repeat myself in future entries. Brightburn is a movie about a sort of alternate reality Superman. I could almost end the review there as the Superman story… Read more “Brightburn”


Given the success of Jordan Peele’s Get Out, I looked forward to Us with a certain amount of anticipation. Pardon me for a moment, but I am going to sound like a huge nerd. Whether anyone realized it or not, Get Out was brilliant because it tapped into a very old idea in this country:… Read more “Us”

Captive State

Perhaps I should have seen Five Feet Apart this past weekend, but I am a sucker for movies set in Chicago, which provided the backdrop for Captive State. Coming off the high of Captain Marvel last weekend, I guess I was in the mood for another action movie. So I saw Captive State. I learned… Read more “Captive State”


This past weekend was a busy one for me, so I did not get to go to the theater when I normally would have gone. I also did not pay attention to what was coming out this weekend. Thus, when I looked and saw the only new movie was something called Greta, I said “What????”… Read more “Greta”