The Manchurian candidate (1962), by Albert W. Vogt III

When I first put on The Manchurian Candidate (1962), the old man I live with commented that I appeared to be on an “overthrow the government” kick.  I replied to this false accusation by simply stating that I am watching what you all suggest.  I am also aware that there is a 2004 remake of this film starring Denzel… Read more “The Manchurian candidate (1962), by Albert W. Vogt III”

Snakes Eyes: G. I. Joe Origins, by Albert W. Vogt III

Call me pleasantly surprised.  As I had zero intentions of seeing M. Knight Shyamalan’s Old, I resigned myself to what I assumed would be an eye-roll fest with Snake Eyes: G. I. Joe Origins.  I loved the G. I. Joe cartoon growing up, and the enigmatic Snake Eyes was always a favorite.  Okay, I just used a few words that are probably… Read more “Snakes Eyes: G. I. Joe Origins, by Albert W. Vogt III”

Luca, by Cameron J. Czaja

With movie theaters slowly reopening across the globe, my trips to the cinema have slowly increased significantly in the past few months. In fact, just the other week I watched three films in theaters, which is something I did regularly pre-COVID.  Unfortunately, the film that I’m about to review did not come out in theaters (due… Read more “Luca, by Cameron J. Czaja”