X-Men Origins: Wolverine, by Albert W. Vogt III

If you have seen Deadpool 2 (2018), and you are a veteran of Marvel films, you will have stuck around during the credits and noticed Wolverine/Logan/Jimmy Howlett (Hugh Jackman) in X-Men Origins: Wolverine (2009) looking on as Deadpool/Wade Wilson (Ryan Reynolds) sidles up to the earlier cinematic version of himself and shoots him in the head. Before exiting stage right,… Read more “X-Men Origins: Wolverine, by Albert W. Vogt III”

Downton Abbey: A New Era, by Albert W. Vogt III

Almost as soon as Downton Abbey: A New Era started, I wanted to cry.  For the last ten years, I have followed these characters, first in the show brought here to the States by the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), and continued with two feature length films.  Its primary writer has always been Julian Fellowes, and you have to give… Read more “Downton Abbey: A New Era, by Albert W. Vogt III”