A Catholic Film Review

As a Catholic and an avid movie goer, I wish to add my perspective to the narrative about current films. Some of you visiting this site will notice the image at the top and its connection to the old Legion of Decency. Formed in 1933, this organization informed Catholics in the United States and in many other countries (often in a condemnatory manner) about film content. My intent is not necessarily to condemn, but neither will I hesitate to be critical where I feel it is warranted. Either way, I hope that my blog will help its readers become more discerning moviegoers.

Along the way, I shall endeavor to see one movie a weekend. As such, this will in no way be an exhaustive review of every film currently at the box office. I will also (hopefully) be posting once a week, as soon as I can get my observations about a movie into writing. In the posts, expect a Catholic slant to all my observations. However, as an observer of American Culture in general (and a consumer of it), I anticipate there being some colorful moments beyond my religious beliefs. If I feel like reviewing anything on various streaming platforms, I may do that as well. After all, the Legion of Decency, despite focusing on film, also reviewed other forms of media in its day.

Understand that I have no connection with the Legion of Decency, or any of its successors. I have no official connection to, or sanction by the Catholic Church, with my blog. I am a regular Catholic communicant wishing to share my views on movies.

The motion picture delights the eye and ear, combines light, shadow, and even color, blends movement, music, sound, and word.  With an ease possessed by no other medium, the film, in an environment shorn of distractions, most readily rivets the attention of the audience, reaches the depths of consciousness, and plays upon the emotions. — Monsignor John McClafferty, Executive Secretary, Legion of Decency

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