Borat Subsequent Moviefilm: Delivery of Prodigious Bribe to American Regime for Make Benefit Once Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan

This movie is Borat 2. I do not care enough about it to repeat its full title in this review, or to make it a particularly long one. It is a disgusting film. Vulgarity is a word usually reserved for language, but we often forget the true meaning. Its root word, vulgar, pertains to an obscene lack of taste in anything. That is this movie in total. There is no subtlety to it. It is a tiresome, one-trick pony of a movie. Obscenity can be funny once, or maybe a few times, if done the right way. Now, I do not mean to set myself up as the final arbiter of all things comical, but did we need Borat Sagdiyev (Sacha Baron Cohen) and his teenage daughter Tutar (Maria Bakalova) appearing at a debutante ball in Georgia and performing a dance that exposes her bloody menstruation to the gathered guests? That is only one example from a Möbius strip of awful that I probably should have shut off instead of suffering through to the end.

The point at which I really wanted to end my viewing of Borat 2 dovetails with my Catholic views, and comes before the indecent scene just described. The (for lack of a better word) “reason” for this film’s existence is for Borat to go back to the United States and placate Vice-President Mike Pence with the delivery of a monkey. His native Kazakhstan feels this is necessary after the shame brought onto it by Borat’s first film, another for which I am not going to bother give the title. How this one makes Kazakhstan look any better, I do not know, but that is separate issue. At any rate, Tutar ends up getting into the crate with the monkey being shipped to the United States and eating it. This animal was apparently Kazakhstan’s minister of culture, which is the only chucklesome moment, squandered, of course, by its untimely death. All that primate-related humor down the tubes. Tutar endangers herself essentially because she believes she will have a better life in America, though she comes with all the “hilarious” misconceptions you would expect of a such a film. At one point, they end up at a bakery, and Borat buys a cupcake topped with a little baby figurine for Tutar. She eats everything, toy and all. In panic, they rush to a crisis pregnancy center. Before continuing, I suppose I should mention that the film is played in a reality television fashion, which makes all of it that much more unbearable. Thus, as they tell the poor guy working at the clinic about the baby in Tutar’s stomach that Borat had put there and how she wants it out in the most gruesome way, the supposedly real-life worker tries to explain how this is not the place to get an abortion and discretely ignores the implication of a father impregnating her daughter. And because this movie is monstrous, they do nothing to let the fellow off the hook as he patiently tries to tell them about the awesome gift from God that is life. The Bible does see such hypothetical couplings as problematic, but Faith says that all life as precious. But no, let’s make the man babbling about God uncomfortable.

The main target of derision in Borat 2 are republican political leaders. As I have no particular love for the overwhelming majority of them, I say have it. But please, for the love of all that is decent in the world, find a better vehicle for it. You can be critical in a funny way without being vulgar. And if you believe that their behavior justifies any manner of boorish content, then I would remind you of an old saying about how an eye for an eye makes the whole world blind.

The last criticism I have of Borat 2 is that it is not actually a Borat movie. Sure, its title bears its name, but the unfortunate popularity of his last film made it nearly impossible for Sacha Baron Cohen to appear in the United States in public without being recognized, which was the trademark of his last movie. Hence, in the majority of the set pieces, like the two mentioned above, they feature Cohen putting on a different costume. In other words, he must disguise his disguise. So why was this movie made in the first place? I honestly do not want to know the answer, and I wish I had never seen it. Instead of watching this, do something useful with your time like learning to crochet.

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