A Good Friday Message from The Legionnaire, by Albert W. Vogt III

Today is Good Friday, 2023. Here at The Legionnaire, we have been bringing film reviews since 2019, the first one being Spiderman: Into the Spider-Verse. Since its sequel is coming out this year, it is fitting to take stock of the four Good Fridays that have transpired since. This day is up there with the holiest days on the Catholic calendar. We call it “good” even though on this day we commemorate Jesus’ Passion. There is another perhaps incongruous word. “Passion” may seem odd because it is usually used in a positive context. For example, Cameron and I are passionate about film. Jesus’ Passion was to die for our sins, doing so in a brutal fashion, in a way that anyone else would question the sanity of because of its awful nature. Yet, it was ordained by God that it should be so. For those of us Catholics and Christians who believe, it should put into proper perspective our petty complaints when we are stuck in traffic, or the internet is not working properly. Such suffering is actually not suffering compared to what Our Lord endured on the way to His Crucifixion.

Still, if I may relate in my own silly my own struggles, I would tell you that it is not always easy bringing you daily content. I have another job outside of this one, as well as a number of other social responsibilities, not to mention setting aside time for going to Mass and praying. Further, I have started new ventures that I hope some of you have noticed by now, namely a podcast and a YouTube channel with my good friend Isaac. He is not Catholic or Christian, but he allows me to represent the Faith in our work and I am grateful for the opportunity. If you have not found them by now, the podcast is Down & Out Reviews, and the YouTube channel is called Oh Man Disney. I thank you for checking out this blog, but if you could also patronize those media outlets, it would be appreciated. In all of them, I intend to continue bringing you a Catholic perspective on culture, which is something I strongly believe our faithful need more of in this world.

Because of this commitment, I am taking this opportunity to announce something I have had for a while, but never discussed. Do not worry. I am not about to tell you that I have some kind of life threatening disease, thankfully. Instead, it is time that I fill you in on the existence of my Patreon page. I have been putting content on it for a few years now, simply reposting my reviews from the blog here. My goal is to do more, and to do more takes money so that I can concentrate on bringing you special material on Patreon. I have some ideas to begin with, such as hosting group watching parties or having subscriber faith and film discussions. I am open to other suggestions. Further, I have a number of other social media platforms that have lain dormant because I have been concentrating on other parts of my life. I would like this to change, to be less of a Passion and more of me following my passions, to borrow the parlance of this day. To do so takes money. Anything you can give is appreciated. I will figure out the rest as we grow.

With this, I will leave you to the rest of the day. Know that I will be praying for you throughout it. No new reviews today, though I encourage you to check out Cameron’s review of The Passion of the Christ (2004). It is a difficult film to watch, particularly for the faithful, but anything that can in some way unite us with His Passion is worth the pain, if for no other reason than knowing the joy of Easter is near!


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